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Default Re: Prefs were gone!

Originally Posted by Trent W. View Post
Over the weekend i've done a complete fresh install of my whole workstation.

Erased the drive and reinstall everything!

A few restarts after i'd finally got it all back together, I hand selected all my prefs (based on screen caps I took before the erase). Then restarted.

It worked fine. Then on the next restart all the prefs were gone for Eucon AND PT.

I wasn't sure what to put it down to, but in the moment I just brushed it off re-entered them all.

Since then it's been totally fine. Just a glitch in the matrix maybe..?
Or the battery inside needs to be changed. I'm dreading that day as I too have an iMac (the last model that had an internal dvd drive) and it doesn't llok like these beasties are that easy to take apart.

This actually brings up an interesting point - with the computer powered off but the AC power to the computer is still on is the battery in play or not?
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