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Default Re: Problem with Issues and Issues with Problems

Originally Posted by guitardom View Post
copying and pasting posts dont help anything....

Mesa ones post was not insulting or antagonizing in any way. There was not 1 insult or "diss" in it. It was about the kindest post on this page.

This deserves special attention. People jumping in or starting threads with attitudes, calling people "fan boys" insulting Avid and the products, making ridiculous statements and claims on things they do not understand or know about, and then tell everyone else to be respectful and not rude??? That is the definition of hypocrisy and if people dont understand, here is a link to the definition There has been a LOT of this lately and its getting quite stupid.
First off, I did not address my post to Mesa ones, so let's get that straight. As far as PT is concerned, the product is problematic and unsatisfactory, guitardom. If you feel as though I am stupid for not being happy with this product. I am not the person creating problems on thousands of people's computers internationally, the program is. I find it equally stupid that certain members here try to stifle any negative feedback. Just ask around. Many people associate protools with headaches and troubleshooting. MANY NOT ALL. So yes, I standby my post, every word of it, even the part about respecting each other. Not everyone is a computer/software engineer who desires to purchase protools. This is real feedback.
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