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Default Re: Avid officially kills Sugar Bytes TransVST

Originally Posted by allen_gibberish View Post
I don't need this, I have a dedicated software mixer to do monitoring and put plugs without any latency.
You asked about improvements...

Finally.. the fact that it took 6 years to do that.. is one of the things that doesn't motivate me.
6 years?? I had about 11 years in it before it went 64 bit and many had more than me. It took a VERY long time and in the process things have to change, including the plugin format.

That's a thing I'm actually scared about.. because one of the things I enjoyed about PT is that the displayed CPU usage is it and you can rely on it. Ableton and Logic if I remember well, are already like that.. and you end up mixing.. but then, at a certain point of the song, you completely run out of CPU.. and maybe you realize that after a lot of time that you cannot go back.. while having a CPU meter performance that stays constant, helps in managing the quantity of processing before bouncing.. there are some times you cannot bounce/record the track, to lower the usage without screwing the balance and re-do a big part of the mix.
Valid concern. Personally I mix w the CPU meter open at all times, so I am aware of whats going on. Plus with my current machine, it has to be awful big mix to even begin to be a concern. I couldnt picture myself getting into that pickle, but sure it could happen to others.

I assure you the things I said are not to spread negativity and are honest, and I think that would make you realize how subjectivity work, for you are improvement, for me are not something interesting and at the worse (as the CPU thing) something that could create a problem.

Do you know something that really would be an improvement for me? A version of PT without new features, maybe even cutting some, but that works, every time, in every conditions, hassle free, stable.
Many of us have that already. Not sure what what problems you are experiencing to keeps that from happening.

And that feature shouldn't even be advertised. A version like that would be like Pro Tools 12: Sorry guys, we had very big problems jumping between TDM/RTAS to AAX and before from 32bits to 64bits, and before from PPC to Intel, sorry guys to made you lose so much time and money, but this one works.

Then people will get so crazy having a PT version that actually works.. that you have no idea how much more powerful than marketing it will be!
They made it very clear that 10 is the transition into 11. Hence why they allowed a co install of 10 and 11. Not sure what else they could have done. Not sure how the jump from PPC to intel was their fault?? It was their problem obviously, but not self created. A bit unfair to assume so.

If I haven't tried it how could I assert it is a beta? What I said is that PT8 compared to 7.4, PT9 compared to PT8, PT10 compared to PT9.. have been betas.. these ones are the ones I tried (PT10 just few times but I know a lot of people who have it and went back to 9).. and then I said, reading around, I'm seeing people saying PT10 was more stable.. and that made me like but, based on my personal experience and people I know, I don't have one sane reason to expect PT11 will be better in real world performance and stability and things that do what they are supposed to do.
Your beta assertion you ask???
It is really time for companies to understand people needs things and they save money to buy stuff that meet those needs and, given the today trend of companies-[bleep][bleep][bleep][bleep][bleep][bleep][bleep][bleep]-marketing-to-create-a-profit, are quire tired of trashing money in products that create problems and don't solve needs or being forced in upgrading stuff that never exit the beta testing zone and had already been discontinued and replaced by a new one that's even more buggy
So no, you havent used 11?? You never really used 10 either?? I left 9 running and was happy to do it! You do realize you are comparing the end cycle of a build to the start of another?? Things tend to be a little off at the beginning. I suppose you didnt use 6 early on?? it was one of the biggest disasters I have ever seen. By 6.4 it was solid. 90% of all problems I see with peoples PT systems are plugin related or computer maintenance or just underpowered for what is trying to be accomplished.

I'm soo happy for you!
Last week I rented a studio to do a workshop. PT HD 10. Cost a fortune right? I spent some of the worst hours in my life having 30 people in front of me and me try teaching stuff, while the computer gave me errors all the time and people were laughing and I couldn't concentrate and I said a quantity of stupid things I don't even know, because of that, lowering my reputation.
So who's fault is this??
a. Avid
b. The Studio
for extra credit, care to elaborate why?

See things have consequences and that's usually why people gets mad.
And who are you mad at??

It was a Mac Pro 8 core bought in 2012, completely formatted and with a fresh install of PT and the few plugs I needed to use, with my iLok 2.

I don't wish to anyone to spend some hours like that.
Regardless, it obviously was not right ehh? I know tons of people and studios including mine and another I work out of with no issues. PT has never claimed to be the most simplistic plug and play software.

That, according with my dictionary, is forcing them in doing one thing they have no interest in doing and Avid is the only one in getting benefits by that. Because, as I said, they won't be phased out.. they just need to do a VST version of their plugs to get like 80% of their potential clients, so I don't see which is the interest between plug in developers.
If a dev wishes to be relevant in the world of PT, they will create an AAX plugin. There are already hundreds upon hundreds to choose from. More are being released all the time. Moving forward and progress sometimes requires change. To think that something as major as a plugin format operating real time inside of a daw would not need to be updated as well is rather odd imo.

Or maybe is something you don't know, you haven't encountered, you have misunderstood, or you don't care?

RTAS are optimized for VI? Tell me, are them time stamped? Yeah, some, the one in PT. Try using Kontakt.. or other stuff. the playback is totally delayed and jittery
I never said RTAS was optimized did I??? care to quote that for me?? We were talking about 11 were we not? 10 and below were very clunky with Vi's and why hosting in VEP pro, Reaper, and other Daws-Hosts is so popular. I also expect a lot of people to continue with this workflow.

In general, ask any guy who does electronic music using plugs and ask them about why they don't use PT.. the answer I usually get is because it is a nightmare dealing with RTAS and also that they don't find most of the plugs they use.
I know plenty of them that use PT and some major guys around here do.

Considering I was talking about me, my experience, and it was easily understandable by the fact I was referring to "my first problem will be".. I was talking about the plugs I own, not the plugs you own.
Considering you still work on 9, I am guessing you are behind and not up to date on many things. Thats all fine and well, but many of us have altered our work flows and found new plugins. Its not all bad. There are plenty to choose from. You also did not specify "your" plugins. But reading I with that in mind, i see where you are coming from.

What information? I'm talking about my personal experience and my own opinion. What are you talking about? And please, tell me, who are you to assert what I'm saying is severely misconstrued and filled with false myths? What does myths even pertain in any word I said? Where do I presented anything as a fact? Where do I have hidden I don't have 11 and were have I expressed an opinion regarding PT considering I haven't ever used it? How could I have an opinion about 11 considering I've never used it?
I apologize, its all opinions then.

And, again, please, tell me: who are you to assert in absolute the things you said up here? How could I trust your interpretation when you missed pretty much anything I wrote and draw conclusions that I feel completely out of the point I was trying to express?
I am a person that does not have all these issues and problems in Pro Tools as well as being up to date with it, so therefore I would say a person that has the ability and willing to help others that have problems.

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