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Default Re: back to protools

Originally Posted by SpinningDisk View Post
How do you know your 003 is gone? Did you open it up and let it dry out? I found and old Harmon Kardon at a yard sale. Brought it home, opened it up and cleaned it out with a garden hose(water). Left it open in the sun all day. Closed it up. Plugged it in and Contact. Worked like a charm.
You never know.

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I'd wait a couple of days but its worth a try. I'd relube all the faders afterword.

There's a DUC member that used o run a IT shop near London and they leased a lot of equipment. Every couple years they would lose stuff when the Thames would flood. But he remarked that they would hose the mud out with a fire house and let the stuff dry out for a month and salvage about 50% of it

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