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Default Re: Worth replacing 2008 Mac Pro for upgraded 2010 Mac Pro?

Okay I just did something I always was frustrated with Melodyne, on my 2008 Mac Pro when transferring analyzing a track, it would always quit during transferring, and I would have to start again where it left off. WOW, I just did a track, and with many plugins in the session running already, which I never do, and always use melodyne with no other plugins so it wouldn't strain the computer. Anyhow it rendered the track (FLAWLESSLY), and with many plugins running. I'm sold !. I never saw that with my 2008.

Also I just swapped the SSD driver from the 2008 and fired right up in the 2010, but on the hardware playback engine it still sees *8* cores, and not the quad core for the single processor?. Perhaps that why it takes longer to boot up ?.

Should I do a clean install ? thanks again
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