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Default Re: Can not drag & drop or import audio PT 12 on Mac

Originally Posted by yeahblahx3 View Post
I know there is a bunch of threads on this... NONE OF THEM FIX IT.

none that i have found yet.. so i am asking again

i have pt 12.5.2 mac os 10.11.6 so please don't through compatibility is the issue and run.

i can not drag & drop, or import audio into a session anymore.. things worked fine before, now.. can't..

i have completely reinstalled on a new hard drive in a new computer with a fresh 12.5.2 PT download

i have click on interleaved on/off - no help
i have click "import audio" in preferences. - no help

does someone actually have a fix for this? something that works?
What exactly happens? What exactly do you see in the UI?
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