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Default Re: Worth replacing 2008 Mac Pro for upgraded 2010 Mac Pro?

Originally Posted by basslik View Post
That's very interesting ?
64 the magic number in triple channels seems to be the general consensus.

In my case I'm running dual channel with 4x16gig sticks, but not triple. Should I stay there, or get two more sticks 2x16gig, which would make it 48 on each tray, and a total of 96 ?

It's hard to say, really. I'm not sure I really even use my Mac Pro in it's current form for anywhere near 100% of it's capacity. Whether adding more ram will be beneficial to you is anyone's guess. In either case, throwing in the extra 2x16gig would give you the peace of mind that you probably have spec'ed out your machine to the absolute maximum performance.

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