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Default Re: Brainworx DSP?

Hey Cliffy,

From what I understand between the correspondence between Drik from PA and myself the pricing structure for AAX-DSP has not yet been finalized. This is what I got: "Pricing: we are not sure about the pricing as it really will depend on the amount of work we will have to put into this.
It will not be like in the old TDM days, where TDM was a x2 price. Thatīs for sure.
". From this I doubt that the AAX-DSP upgrade will be free of charge. I may be wrong, though as really nothing is certain. I got this e-mail a while back actually and PA are now much closer to releasing AAX-DSP plug-ins than then. It might be worth while sending Dirk another e-mail and ask the question again. He is a really nice guy and replies to most it's worth a shot.

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