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Default Re: Dealing with fx on various VI's and Mixing

Originally Posted by EGS View Post
Pros make a living at it - AND have fun!!!

Re VI processing: use whatever tool works, whenever you want to. Similar age-old questions: EQ/comp on the way in, or record flat? Print elec gtr with stompboxes and amps or not? Commit now or wait for later? If a patch or processor or effect is essential to the inspiration, then print it whenever/however you get it.

Personally, I like to leave most (not all) processing for the final mix, although I setup sounds constantly while tracking. If the tracking sounds work in the mix, I leave it. If not, I like to be able to tweak it. If you plan to send tracks out for mixing, you might want to send un-processed tracks AND processed tracks and let the mixer choose. No rules, whatever works. My 2 cents!!!

I tend to like to leave all fx processing for the final mix, too. But the reality is that some patches on some VI's just sound so good with the VI's built in fx, especially delay and reverbs. But then I'm always freezing, unfreezing, tweaking, re-freezing. But I guess you're probably right...whatever works. As our friend Dave (Albee) always likes to say: "If it sounds good, it IS good!"
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