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Default Re: roland vg-8,gk-3pickup,reason, digi002r questi

Hi Joan.

1. I am not really familiar with this new GK-3 pickup but I think it can only be used with the also new GR-20. You should e-mail Roland about this.
2. Sorry, it seems you cannot(from

" The VG-8 does not trigger MIDI, nor does it have a "thru" that would send the signal to a MIDI converter. On the other hand, it has great sounds that allow you to be much more versatile and expressive than just triggering keyboard sounds. Roland has marketed the VG-8 as a guitar emulation system to get away from the idea of MIDI guitar - a lot of players have already written that off forever. But, the VG-8 does have many keyboardy sounds, pads, synths, violins, bass, etc.".

What you're looking for can be done with the GR-30(guitar only) the GI-20(guitar and bass) or the new GR-20(guitar only) which supposedly offers superior tracking(have not used this yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it does).

Good luck.
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