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Default Re: pro control db25 cables for monitor section

Originally Posted by ToneSetter View Post
But now back to my original question, am I going to notice a real difference in sound quality of cables by using mogami gold db25 cables over other brands (hosa, planet waves, digidesign, etc) of non gold cables? Are the mogami db25 gold cables really worth the cost because it is a lot more than other brands.

What brand of cables would you recommend I use?
On short distances at +4 dBu line level it doesn't matter that much what brand of cable you use, just make sure the build quality is OK. Only on long distances at microphone level cable quality becomes a really important factor. And especially for use with a pro control monitor section I would not invest in high end cabling.

FYI all critical cabling in my studio is Zaolla Silverline, cables with a core of pure silver. They are even more expensive then Mogami gold cables (that contain no gold actually).

When I built my last studio I chose to do a once-in-a-lifetime investment of high end cabling and I enjoy this investment every day of the week. The main point is not only the pristine sound quality of silver core cables but also the very good double shielding of this type of high end cabling. That means that my entire audio path is also very silent and clean.
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