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Default Re: pro control db25 cables for monitor section

Originally Posted by ToneSetter View Post
To use the talkback feature of the pro control and none of the other features of the monitor section would I just use the pro controls output 5 or 6 of a db25 cable (which the attached image from the manual shows is for talkback output to pro tools) into a channel on my interface and then in pro tools use a mono track with the input set to the channel that the pro controls talkback output is going into on my interface and set the output of the track to main out, or the artists headphone mix?
This could be done as described, but then you are just using the built-in microphone and the talkback button. So when pressing the talkback button to talk:

- the mic signal will not auto-mix with the audio, you need to do that in Pro Tools
- the output level of your monitors will not auto-dim when talking and listening to the replies from the artist while you are using talkback, so you probably will get a nasty microphone feedback between your monitors and the built-in talkback mic (the built-in mic is some type of very sensitive phantom powered condensor mic)

To get a talkback function that works as it is supposed to do you do need to use more or less the entire ProControl monitor section.

But there is a way around the problematic volume pot in a ProControl and that is by simply not to using it at all.

Just set the volume pot at a fixed position and trim the outputs of your Pro Tools interface that you only use for for L+R monitoring until L+R have identical output levels. Then you can use the talkback button with auto-dim, use the mono, dim and mute buttons and even the source switching buttons and speaker select buttons if you would like to use them. But do no use the volume pot to control the volume, just use the dim button for a fixed 15 dB lower monitor level.
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