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Default Coming back to protools after 6 year hiatus

Hey community!
I would much appreciate some opinions on how to work with my protools in 2019. I am now using protools express, looks like im on version 12.7. I've been out the game since 2013, but have some time again so I bought into protools express, and have been able to get something going.

My setup is relatively simple. I run the 1/4" outputs of my mpc2500 into an old Fast Track Duo which is connected to my laptop (mac running Mojave 10.14.5) via usb. I currently record onto just one track in protools (ie i dont track out) with no major issues.

I wanted to begin tracking out my beats, and was exploring which way I should go. I haven't really used or upgraded my hardware in a long time so I figured I am willing to invest in something new if needed. My understanding is that to best trackout with just 1 set of outputs (I dont want something like digi003), I would need a midi sync so that I could trigger the MPC to play when I hit record on the protools, and then record each MPC track individually to separate tracks in protools. Fast TRack Duo does not have any Midi capability. (I want the sync to avoid having to line up tracks manually)

What can I do here? I'm realizing my hardware is discontinued, so I wouldn't mind buying something new that can also help me with my setup.

Given my simple setup
1. Do I infact need the midi to do what I need? If so, my plan is to see which of these 10 products has midi.
2. If I don't need midi, how should I track out individuals tracks (eg kick, snare, hat)

Thanks for your time,
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