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Default Re: Avid Audio Server problems with system audio

This is a known issue for Avid CoreAudio drivers and the HDn/HDX. It can only use the first port (on the first card for HDX) unless you use up all 32 i/o on the first port with a modern Avid interface/modern Avid-compatible interface. So the Omni can't do that (can't max out to 32 i/o). And the 192 is disqualified for the other reason. This also affects third-party hardware that uses the old digi protocols (like older Apogees.)
You won't find a solution for this. And this isn't considered "fixable" or priority because you are looking at unsupported hardware.

Sorry to give you the bad news. (You can find more people attempting this and failing and I think at some point, Avid put a tech note in their knowledge base)
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