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Default Re: Native Vs HDX and performance tests

"older PowerMac and HDX." HDX and PT11 is not going to work on an older Mac. I'm not an expert on voice allocation, but have had experience moving between an HD3 system and my own Native rig. I could easily "hit the wall" on the HD3 rig with less than 64 tracks. My Native rig has yet to see the limit here(100+ audio tracks). I also regularly track bands with 28 inputs(all the mic preamps I have) on HDN, using plenty of plugins (nothing with a lot of latency) and 5 stereo headphone mixes(from AUX sends in the session) at a 64 buffer setting(and no complaints about latency).

My first exposure to HDN was with a MBP i7 quad, HDN card(Magma chassis) and an OMNI. It was set to the 128 buffer and was playing a 5.1 movie soundtrack of over 150 tracks, with video. Pretty impressive
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