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Question Mbox Mini w/PT10 OR Mbox w/Express

I would like some help purchasing an audio interface and software.

These are my two options:
$460 Mbox Mini with Pro Tools 10
$410 Mbox (bigger) with Pro Tools Express

So basically ive tried to suss it out and the benefits of having PT10 is that there are more virtual instruments, and more capabilities of multi track recording. The benefits of having a bigger Mbox is that there are more inputs, and more on board buttons on the box itself (although i wont be needing a midi i/o or that other yellow cable i/o.)

I play guitar and sing. I have a electric and acoustic guitar, a Rode NT-1A microphone and are looking to maybe purchasing a midi keyboard. I won't be recording more than a guitar and vocal track at the same time. The midi keyboard will be usb so it'll plug right into my Mac and im guessing go straight into PT? I will also purchase an external firewire hard drive for recording to.

I keep changing my mind over which one to purchase. Any suggestions are welcome. I really can't decide as choosing either has its slight benefits and negatives.

Thank you
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