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Default Re: Minor problem while saving a session

Originally Posted by lumcas View Post
Hello, just a minor glitch but it drives me nuts anyway, I tried to search the forum but haven't found anything similar. Whenever I want to save a PT session (003, PT 9.0.1, OSX 10.6.5) I just hit command+s and a window always pops up saying "The disk copy of the session was changed since you last opened or saved it. Do you want to save anyway?" I just hit ok and everything works as expected, it's not an error message, session saves properly and I can continue working but I'm wondering what's going on. I know it's nothing serious and it doesn't take a log time to hit return key, so not a big deal really, but I'm curious.

I am on PT since version 5 and have never seen anything like that.

Thank you for the answer.

That is strange... command-s is hit hundreds of times an hour when I am working and I have never seen anything like that? Does this happen on all sessions?
Is your disk allocation having anything to do with it? I notice you are using a "copy" is why I ask.
Does it do it even after you do a "save as"?
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