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Default Re: Minor problem while saving a session

Originally Posted by lumcas View Post
Hello, just a minor glitch but it drives me nuts anyway, I tried to search the forum but haven't found anything similar. Whenever I want to save a PT session (003, PT 9.0.1, OSX 10.6.5) I just hit command+s and a window always pops up saying "The disk copy of the session was changed since you last opened or saved it. Do you want to save anyway?" I just hit ok and everything works as expected, it's not an error message, session saves properly and I can continue working but I'm wondering what's going on. I know it's nothing serious and it doesn't take a log time to hit return key, so not a big deal really, but I'm curious.

I am on PT since version 5 and have never seen anything like that.

Thank you for the answer.


Command+S as always been "save as" and it will ask if you want to overwrite the currently saved version.

Not sure if you do!! but you should always save with an incremental save (song 1 / song 2 / song 3 etc) at least every 30 minutes, to sensibly work safe with auto back-ups, and to make sure you have a good working session to revert to.

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