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Default Rare Problem, Genius Required. "Reverse Latency"

All audio recorded into my system was appearing in Protools (and playback) ahead of the time that it was recorded. "Reverse Latency".
To check this problem I set up a session with one click track and two audio tracks.
The click track was bussed directly to one audio channel, at the same time the click was sent out of my sound card and back in again straight to Protools. The click sent out of my sound card was recorded before the bussed click..

Ive tried to find others with this problem and it seems to be slim pickings.
I would just wipe my system and re-install, but I'm more interested to know why this problem exists.

If you can shine a light onto this problem it would be greatly appreciated.

Windows XP service pack 2.
M-Powered 7.3.
M-Audio Delta 1010.
AMD Athlon 64.
2.20Ghz, 3gb Ram.

"Reverse Latency, Anti-Latency"
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