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Default I dont think AVID really wants anyone to use Cloud Collaboration...

They certainly don't make it easy on any level.

Not the least of which you can't use CC with multiple licenses in the same account. When it was first announced years back I bought 3 licenses not realizing I wasn't going to be able to use them to collaborate because they are in the same account. At the very least I want an assistant to be able to log in and access the files.

Year after year I ask AVID at various trade shows if this will ever be possible and they say that ability is in the works... but it never comes.

I recently decided maybe a good solution is to create a 2nd AVID account and separate ilok account and transfer at least one license and create a new user identity for that license. I have been emailing support back and forth for 2 weeks now about what it the best way to do that to avoid problems since my accounts would both belong to me and I would be doing a transfer to myself.

They have been completely useless and seemingly not even understanding what I am talking about. They seem shockingly unable to help me even in the least bit.

They won't even confirm if this is the best work around for the problem...

From everything I read I'm getting the impression they wish the whole Cloud thing will just go away.

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