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Default Re: digi 003 desk working with Mojave?

Hey! I am really struggling to get this to work for me.

I have Mojave running on my Macbook (newer version with all Thunderbolt 3 adapters). And then I have Pro Tools 12 running as well. I haven't upgraded pro tools to the most recent 2019 version which was released this past week (just found out about it).

I had to hook up the 003 by going FW > (FW800 --> Thunderbolt 2 Dongle) > (Thunderbolt 2 --> Thunderbolt 3 Dongle). Doing this, if I do "About this Mac" in the devices section I can see that it registers there is an 003 Digi device. However, when I open Pro Tools, it's nowhere to be found in the hardware section and the 003 just contineus to say OFFLINE.

I downloaded the most recent drivers and installed those but when I open the Avid 003 Family app, it says something to the effect of "No 00 Family device has ever been connected to this computer. Please connect one now". Nothing will resolve this for me, not restarting or powering down and back up the 003.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? I could really use the help here, please and thank you x1000!!!
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