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Default Re: 16 core dual Xeon not enough cpu...

Originally Posted by analog orange View Post
Is there any documentation about that you can point me to? If that would fix things Ill lobby the corporate powers that be to upgrade my box.
Not that I know of... it's a little like asking for documentation for water being wet from audio developers. You can ask any actual developer and they will tell you this (Charlie Steinberg, Gerhard Lengeling, Matthias Carstens, etc.) Audio works on a FIFO basis. Video (and rendering) can take advantage of parallel processing, audio not: too many serial dependancies. A faster clock cycle allows buffers and processing to operate... well... faster.

I reboot and it starts over at a lower level. Takes about an hour of edit time for it to get this bad.
If this is true I'd look for something that has recursive processing or convolution as a culprit. Years ago, traced an error to a big name plugin developer's convolution reverb that would bring down a system after 3 hours. The convolver was feeding back into itself at minuscule levels (inaudible -- no waveform even visible) for "infinite" tails. It was a process that should have terminated.
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