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Default Re: 12.6 and 32-track non-avid IO limit

Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
The 32 io limit is for every 3rd party system, it is not a vanilla/HD thing.

max 32 if you have 3rd party interface
max 64 if you have Avid HDN
more if you have Avid HDX
To be more precise: max 32 via ASIO. Unless you have a special iLok license key to unlock 64 ASIO I/O for the Pro Tools non-HD which comes with the S3L to record/soundcheck via AVB.

Word on the street (allegedly a comment by Avid staff at a trade fair) is that Avid licensed only 32 I/O with Steinberg (who owns ASIO). I guess they have to pay more for the 64 I/O to Steinberg. Then again, crippling ASIO I/O was certainly in their product management interest too.
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