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Default Re: S3L + Motu monitor 8

I recently purchased a Monitor 8, anticipating an AVB firmware fix from MOTU.

In an attempt to test the system, I upgraded:
OSX Mavericks to Yosemite
Pro Tools to 11.3.1
EuControl to 3.2.2
(the S3 firmware was also automatically upgraded by EuControl update)

As fredrikzon stated, the Monitor 8 could see the Avid hardware. However, I was unable to synch the MOTU clock to any external AVB stream.

I did not attempt to test the Monitor 8 while the S3L was in Live Mode (a mistake in hindsight). Instead, I used it in Studio Mode, hoping to send audio directly from Pro Tools via AVB. Despite my best efforts, I was unable to pass any audio into the Monitor 8.

Testing was put on hold for this weekend's events.

Friday night, I discovered that Pro Tools is incapable of recording audio from the SL3-X system if running OSX Mavericks. Not a fun realization to have mid-event. Thankfully, there were no obligations to record, so no harm done. After the gig, I worked through the night, re-installing over a freshly wiped hard drive.

The system is rolled back and I'll be heading to tonight's event early to fix any unsolved issues.

Monitor 8 testing will resume shortly, and the analog inputs will be used should the need arise. In the meantime, I'll be awaiting MOTU's firmware fix, and will report back if any discoveries are made.
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