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Default Calling all that write/program midi drums by hand in the Pro Tools midi editor.

Hey all.
I think I am trying to do the impossible. lol
So please chime in if i'm not alone.

I am trying to write/program midi drums in the pro tools midi editor in the rock genre and its been rough.
I start in the midi editor with the "grid" on beats and 1/4 notes.
For a basic example of what I do...
I would enter my kicks on 1 and 3, and snare on 2 and 4. Then I would adjust the grid for 1/8 beats and lay down a hi hat across "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8."
I would then switch to velocity and make the kicks and snares louder and adjust the hi hat to sound natural like..
1st hi hat- loud
2nd hi hat- medium
3rd hi hat- loud
4th hi hat - medium
and so up to 8.
I would listen back and it sounds very robotic. lol

So I use midi loops to study how they do it to sound natural.
And after studying I noticed that most of the midi notes are not lined up perfectly with the grid. Some notes are slightly ahead or behind.

This makes it even harder now to program because the grid that was very helpful is now becoming useless to program a natural feel. lol

So besides actually playing the pattern on keys/ pads or V-drums, how do you program drums in pro tools to sound natural for a rock genre by hand

Please share your tips and techniques.
I would really appreciate it.
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