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Default Re: i7 Builds - Specs and Results

Hi all,

Looking at a replacement for my 8 year old i5 2500k / 8Gb Win7 box. I'm eyeballing the QuietPC silent PCs - silence is golden and so on. I've upgraded the i5 over the years with new fans, SSDs and so on, but I'm hitting the Win7 expiration date and looking to move to something for the next 8 years.

DAW-wise, I currently run PT11 through a Lynx Aurora 16 LT-USB, summed to a Neve 8816: happily outputting at 24-48, a fistful of plugins, and only really starts crapping out when I'm loading mammoth Spitfire libraries...

For air-cooled PCs, I've seen the Nofan CR-80EH fanless cooler, which has a maximum CPU wattage of 80W. This basically rules out the Intel K/X series, but not the regular 9700 and 9900 Intels.

Thinking of
i9 9900 65W
64Gb Corsair Vengence
2 x 960 EVOs (system and personal files) / 860 EVOs (PT sessions) / SSHDs for samples

My question, really, is in true GAS fashion yes it would be great to have a 9900K burning a hole through the PC case, in the same way a 3.6L V6 is 'better' than a 2.0L 4 cylinder in the same car, but benchmarks aside what are the real world practical differences - have Avid ever said 'PT shalt not work on anything less than 150W of CPU'? Both cars go from A to B so to speak and I'm not planning to run 256 instances of Sylenth at 24-192.

If I need more channels in the future, I'd likely go Dante over Thunderbolt, since it means I can mix and match interfaces over Windows.

Any thoughts?
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