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Lightbulb Re: Missing Rendered Elastic Files

Originally Posted by Electric Peak View Post
Hello, I'm using a Mac tower, 6 GB RAM, OSX 10.6.8, PT HD Accel v10.3.8. A session last opened successfully on the same system with PT v10.3.3, when opened with 10.3.8 tells me that rendered elastic files are missing. If I let it auto search, leaving it on all night it does not find them. When I select to have the files regenerated, the whole system crashed and shows error message:

Assertion in "/Volumes/Development/ws.ProTools_10.3.8/AlturaPorts/PT4_App/MacBuild/../PtApp/PTApp_RenderTaskCreator.cpp",line 446.
If you manually search for the files and browse to where the files are located, can you select the files and relink?

As for the assertion error, delete the Digidesign Databases. Google it and you will find a document that tells you where those are kept on the hard drive.
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