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Default Re: Wave Rider - Automatic Vocal Rides!!!


I think you are might be having some issues with the way WaveRider routes through the Peripherals midi setup as I am. It bypasses whatever tracks your controller is using (at least with the faderport). So, since my faderport is set up to control tracks 1-8, I have to have at least 9 tracks in my mix and set WaveRider to Port1, Channel 1 so it can control what is on track 9 (the first one it CAN control). That or remove faderport from the Peripherals midi setup and then Port 1 channel 1 will control track 1.

So my belief is if you only have 2 tracks and ANY controller hooked up (through the Peripherals midi setup) you will not be able to use WaveRider without removing your controler in the Peripherals midi setup menu first. Or create 7 more tracks and move the track you want to automate with WR (such as your current track 1) to track 9 (since WR can't control tracks 1-8 because the controller has them in use) and the automation with WR will then work.

Sorry if my explanation is not very good. I'm no Kenny

One other thing; the test button does nothing more than wiggle the fader so you know which track it is controlling. So route your setup then hit the test button. If it is communicating it will wiggle fader 9 for example. If it wiggles track 9 with it set to port 1 channel 1, change it to port 1 channel 2, hit test and it will now wiggle (control) track 10's fader.
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