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Default Mac Pro "trash can style" for sale 6 -core

Hey all,

I ended up buying a 12 core machine. Not for protools but rather a media server.

I am selling my 6 core machine.

Has the following configuration.

3.5 Ghz 6 core
16 GB ram
D500 video card
256 PCie

Purchased it in February of 2015. I will ship in its original carton.

This is the same one that Apple is selling currently for $3999

Im asking $2300 + shpg The only issue is we would have to figure out how to handle payment, I prefer to not use paypal... they drained my checking account one time and have left me nervous with them.

If your in texas, we could always meet up in person, Im located in austin.

ping me if your interested.

thank you

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