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Default Re: D-Command quick assign default eq/dynamics

Speaking for myself, I often find a better workflow is to custom map to the faders.
You can get there with in a button push or two
depending on if you have already viewed that plug-in during your session or not.
There are some odd glitches sometimes in the dedicated sections; certain params missing, etc.

Also, on many plug-ins, you can achieve finer resolution from the faders than you can from the dedicated knobs,
which often feel and act more like stepped attenuators.
For instance if you wanted to dial in exactly 3 DB on a parameter,
odds are you can often achieve that with the fader but not with the knob.
Other times with the knob I'll be turning a very small resolution and not hearing any change,
but mapped to the faders I can hear smaller increments.

Still, horses for courses when talking EQ’s or compressors,
but the real power of mapping to the custom faders is for dense plugs like reverb's.
The only disadvantage you cannot map multiple pages to them.

A little confusing, is that there are two ways to achieve that mapping.
You can go through the learn function that all plug-ins offer on their GUI.
But faster, and easier is to just hit the plug-in button on the custom fader section, then the map button,
then you can quickly map by hitting the select switch on the Channel fader and then tapping the parameter.
You can also export these maps from the surface of the D command and take these to a different studio.

On a smaller note, if you don’t have the Brent Heber vids,
I could post those to my dropbox, you might find them useful.

On a smaller, smaller note I just disassembled an extra D command ES fader pack I didn't need
and will be putting up the parts for sale,
for example faders and power supplies.
Have fun with it!
For the record studios

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