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Default Re: Protools and Mackie DL16s

G’day. Welcome to DUC.

Not sure what you mean by “Pro Tools hardware”, maybe you mean the old 003 or MBox Pro interfaces... Avid has not sold those in years and has exited the consumer interface market with the exception of the Eleven Rack guitar processor.. Pro Tools works with any CoreAudio (Mac) or ASIO (Windows) compatible audio interface. The assumption should be that is there is (there is) an ASIO driver provided by Mackie for this interface it should work.

If there are any known issues you would likely find folks complaining by careful google searches.

FireWire is pretty old technology, something to avoid if starting out new.

If you need a well priced live mixer as well as an interface the Presonus StudioLive is another option to look at. If you want to you can list your needs in more detail and budget and folks here may have suggestions.

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