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Default Re: initializing MIDI engine taking 4ever & no midi studio?

I went looking for my preferences folder in my 'user' folder to delete any preferences in there relating to pro Tools and Audio midi setup etc as well as deleting all midi drivers.

The user LIBRARY folder is not on view!! Apple do this on purpose in mavericks.

You have to open a new window from the finder app and go to view options and select user (your name from menu on left) go to view options and tick 'show library folder'. this makes the folder visible all the time.

So you have to delete those preferences in the HD/user/ Library/preferences folder

AND: HD/library/ prefs folder also.

This has worked.

Next I need to install the midi device drivers one at a time starting with avid's own first, check following each driver install to see which driver knocks the whole thing out again. Might be best to restart each time to be sure.

I will let you know my findings.
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