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Default initializing MIDI engine taking 4ever & no midi studio?

Hi folks,

I recently upgraded to 11.2.1.

Prior to this I was running 11.1.2.

I misunderstood the advice on deleting all previous versions of pro tools and manually uninstalled 11.1.2 before installing 11.2.1.

You only have to uninstall the previous version if upgrading from say 10 to v11.

Anyway, when I go to launch 11.2.1 it takes forever to launch. The loading progress stops on 'initializing MIDI engine' and takes forever but eventually loads after 5 or more mins.

I reinstalled my MOTO midi express 128 drivers and the latest 002 003 drivers as I use them sometimes.

Under setup / MIDI there is no MIDI studio window opening and some of the rest in that menu do not open as a pane either!!!

I am at a loss trawling the net trying to find a solution. It is very hard to get anything done!

Rather than reinstalling and authorizing all my third party plugins I decided to delete 11.2.1 and restore 11.1.2 from a time machine backup. It worked and all plugins worked so that saved time.

When I launched 11.1.2 the 'initializing MIDI engine' notice hung for ages again but launched long time after. This was never the case before.

I deleted all prefs etc to no avail.

Any ideas folks??? Much appreciated so I can get back to recording music rather than wasting bloody time solving PT problems.

Macbook pro retina 2.6GHz intel core i7, 16 RAM

audio interfaces are 002, Onyx 1640i.

Just noticed when I go into - Setup/hardware/launch setup app the Audio Midi setup -- click window and show midi window --- THE AUDIO MIDI SETUP APP HANGS UP and crashes!!

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