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Default Re: Best Systems and Components for Win HD/TDM

hey niki is this the ram you are talking about?? I that is the biggest problem slowing my computer down cause i bought crappy 512(20 bucks) just to get it running...

A little confused in this area.............
Basically, yes, that is it.
I need to correct my site, because I actually swapped that memory out to my other system, and got 2GB (4- 512M sticks) Kingston HyperX PC3200 2-2-2-5 timing RAM instead. I would only recommend it for tweakers looking to eek out some extra performance though.

It is a tough call on RAM, but not tough at the same time: simplified? Kingston HyperX PC3200 or PC3500 will perform the same. Only when one tweaks BIOS settings for RAM will anything "better" show any improvement. Therefore, IMO, not worth ANY extra cost.

Bottom line then? Buy whichever is cheaper, cause it is basically the SAME RAM. Yep, the SAME. So if Kingston HyperX PC3200 is cheaper today per stick, buy it. If PC3500 is cheaper, buy it instead. Just buy matched pairs, so as to use dual channel bussing (technobabble that means "better ).

Lastly, 1GB (2- 512M sticks) is great for a system doing mostly TDM plugs, and/or not using RTAS or VST instruments; If one were planning to use lots of RTAS plugs, and/or virtual instruments, I would suggest 2GB, 4-512M sticks.
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