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Default Re: Best Systems and Components for Win HD/TDM

Thanks Shane, so if I read things correctly, your system was the detail here...let me know if anything changed...I'm going down to Fry's after work tonight and will be buying parts. I tell you guys, this takes me back to 1982...buidling early PC's and PCXT's...I've built boxes over the years, but none since about 6 years ago...this is very sweet ;-).

What was your total outlay? $$$

-Tyan Tiger K8WE (S2877ANRF) Motherboard - Detailed specs here.
(Purchased from Antares Digital)
-Two Opteron 265 Dual-Core CPUs
-4G of Corsair CM72SD1024RLP-3200 (1024MB Registered DDR400, 2 Ranks)
-Two ASUS EN6600/TD/256 Video card(I needed two for some post work)
-Western Digital SATA 36G Raptor hard drive
-Western Digital SATA 74G Raptor hard drive
-Lite-On DVDRW SHW-1635S
-OCZ Powerstream 520W Power supply
-A very well ventilated generic case(I have a machine room so noise is not a problem)
Yes. That is what I have. Keep in mind that the core card is very long. I had to get a new case inwhich I could take out the bottom drive bay chassis. I got some adapters to put them in the top part of the computer where the CD/DVD burner goes. I actually prefer that now because there is alot more air flow around the drives.

Also read my first post on the quad forum regarding the addendum for plugging in the firewire cable.

Shoot me an email and I'll give you a hand with assenmbly. But I cannot help if you alter the parts list. The above system is stable and works. Bottom line.

I have had a few people bring me altered parts from the list I gave them to build their systems. I no longer do that. Many nightmares.

This is my current case.

Also keep in mind that the stock CPU fans are VERY noisy. You can grab some Zalman fans posted on the first post of my Quadzilla thread.

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