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Default Re: Artist Mix failing to connect 9/10

Originally Posted by BScout View Post
Just checking, have you tried a complete uninstall of Eucontrol (using the installer's option to uninstall everything). Do a reboot. And then reinstall. (temporarily disable any delayed tasks in task scheduler)

Seems like you are having to jump through a lot of hoops to do something that works flawlessly on my Windows machine.

Also, do you have any other programs on that machine that have startup items? Possibly one of those is delaying things to complete. (or you've delayed a necessary service from its natural state of autostart in services.msc?)
It all worked flawlessly for me until a couple of months ago too! I did update EuControl when I started having problems, but didn't do a complete uninstall, to be fair.

All that said, if this continues to work I'll stick to this method. For many years I had to delay these services, so its a familiar problem to me and once sorted last time it was good as gold. Likely there's some conflict somewhere with some other service, I could waste a month isolating that!
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