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Default corrupt session not recognized by pro tools help!

Hi All,
I am in a bind here. I need to restore a show and all the copies of the sessions (including the back up) have trouble opening. I can't import from them or open them. When I try, I get this: "could not complete your request because an error occurred while reading the document"

The drive that this came from had a problem, but I am able to get stuff off of it. Even when on a new drive, the session has the same issues.

Any ideas? This is really urgent and I will have to start from scratch if it won't work, which I really don't have time to do.

Perhaps there is somewhere I can send the session and have someone "fix" it? The finder sees it as a protools 5.1 session, though I think it must be 6.x, as it was created last september ('05). I am trying to open it in 7.1

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