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Default Re: "Pro Tools hardware is either not installed or used by another program" ??

I've used this same setup for 2 years, so not sure why it would all of a sudden start this. I haven't removed any iLoks (literally ever).. and when I do, I'm OCD about doing it right. Can't be iLok because it loads software and plugins fine.. just says PT "hardware" is either not installed or used by another program. PT is all of a sudden locking up here and there and when I reboot the system.. load PT, I get this message.

i DID find that windows was trying to use it as both input and output device.. so I stopped that.. thought for sure that was it.. but same thing... even after reboot.. I press N down.. and PT even sees my apollo.. but when I choose it, it then gives me the error. Can't believe this.

PT help files mention: Set Sound In/Out in Audio MIDI Setup to Built-In
but I see this no where.. maybe only a mac thing? again, seems unrelated.

and FYI - Apollo is definitely working - the Apollo software finds it perfectly.. loads great.. and all my instruments routed through it I hear just fine as normal with normal levels and faders.. just PT has stopped playing nice with it.
Have session in 30 mins.. normally after 10 reboots, this stops.. but no luck right now..
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