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Default Re: Favorite Saturation Plugins - Does Anything Touch Decapiator

Back to the topic at hand:
Have Decapitator and it can give you various flavors of saturation; which you use depends on what you want for your tracks.

That being said I have others that I use depending on the sound needed. In no particular order:
Phil's Cascade, Black Box HG-2 both available from Plugin Alliance and are tube based. Another is Vertigo VSM3 also from PA - easy to dial in second and/or third order saturation and it's solid state based I believe.

There's one that's the Rodney Dangerfield of plugins in that it gets no respect: PSP Vintage Warmer 2. Does both compression and saturation if you want it to.

Something to keep in mind with Soundtoys is if you already have a couple of their plugins you can often luck in to a good discount price for the whole catalog. There's lots in there that can help you get tracks where they need to be. Try Crystallizer on a Rhodes piano track to totally transform the sound into something wonderful.
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