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Default Mic not giving feedback

So at at first i had a issue with my interface not showing hardware at all. Due to the lovely update that messed everything up. I had OS high seierra 10.13.1 and nothing was connecting , i updated to 10.13.2 and now it shows that hardware is connected and streaming on my Mbox MINI . But when i open garage band and try to record I'm still not getting any feedback ??

Phantom powers on, everything connected, gains and mix is up, i know protools express is probably not compatible with this version of my Mac which is supper inconvenient but shouldn't i still be able to use my mic on garage band ?

my avid control manager won't open anymore, and i somehow downloaded a digicore manager which is saying DIGIDESIGN HW: unsupported device STATUS- not connected (HW not found) .

why is this not working ?? is there something else i have to download now, I've updated to the most recent driver . I ran out of things, i just want to make some songs

I'm really frustrated seing as i can't get any technical support, and i guess i have to pay if i'd like some help

Can someone please help me fix this problem.
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