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Default Re: how much memory i need to run protools

i have a sony vaio cpu with 256mb but im going to pick up a 512mb memory chip today and i have a 80 g.b hard drive so how much memory do i need to run pro tools le on windows xp with all the plugins
cu i have the waves diamond native plugin bundle worth 5,250.00

Let me make some quick suggestions off of your initial post;

*What kind and size Processor- this has alot to do with compatibility in PT and then with the amount of tracks you will be able to get.

*What is the motherboard in this sony? This has everything to do with compatibility.

*One stick of Kingston 512 totalling 768mb will be enough

*If you have only one hard disk, then buy another one for audio- 7200rpm 8 cache 80 gig will work just fine

These are the things ,in order, that you need to be concerned about to get Pro Tools to work.

soon to be back at it again...
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