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Default Re: Plugin Alliance insanity

Originally Posted by simon.a.billington View Post
Oh sorry, I think that was a bit ambiguous. What I meant was I like the UI improvements they introduced with Byome. Sorry about that.

Although, I guess you could call this kind of a Byome improvement...
Triad is a ripoff. Should really have been an update for Byome. If you get Triad there's no reason to also have Byome. And if you have Byome and Blue Cat MB7-2 you can do most of what's possible in Triad. I think UA has given up on Byome even though it's not that old - maybe a year old. There were supposed to be bug fixes and gui improvements with Byome and those haven't happened.

Triad still suffers from the same issue Byome has - you have along chain of modules and it easily scrolls off screen even with the fx modules minimized.

One of the things that should happen with Triad is if you buy it you also get a license for the full Byome like happens with Dent2 - you also get a full license for Indent 2. But then again with Triad you really don't need Byome.
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