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Default Upgrading to HDX, lots of options!

Originally Posted by TornadoTed View Post
I just bought a HDX card and am wondering what is a good combination of OSX and Pro Tools? I am woefully out of touch, I set this system up a few years ago and haven't thought about it since!

I have a Pro Tools 10-12 HD license and will do a clean install so can put on any version of OSX. Is there a good combo someone has found on a 2010 Mac Pro?

I just dropped my new HDX card into my current install, I was running HD Native at the time

I didnít even reinstall, but I was running PT12 on Windows

I would fully test your system with your current install.....10.8.5 was such a good OSX release.

I found 10.10 to be really good as well. But with PT10.3.7 still.

I moved to Windows when I switched to PT12
HDX - PT12.5.1 - HD I/O 16x8x8
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