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Default Thumbs up to the Presonus Quantum 4848

I've just completed my chalk-to-cheese upgrade by replacing my old 003 rack+ interface with a Quantum 4848. This is the first product I've ever bought from Presonus.

I can't recall ever having a smoother, simpler install experience. Plugged it in, downloaded the driver installer, ran it and then launched Pro Tools. No re-start, no mucking about, no nothing. And the same with the free UC Console app. Downloaded it from the app store onto my iPad, launched it and there - instantly - was the interface with all its input and output meters. RTA mode is fun too - although the lag is probably too much for it to be really useful.

Obviously the greater part of my power gain has been replacing my Macbook Pro with a 12 core Mac Pro - but the Quantum 4848 seems to have a really lean driver. The Sound On Sound review I read mentioned this. I'm running a fairly complex 96k session with lots of plug-ins, including the dreaded Ozone 8 stuff, with a 64 sample buffer and everything's fine.

Now to download my free copy of Studio One Professional and bundled plugins...

Mix room: Apple Mac Pro 6,1 late 2013 2.7Ghz 12-Core XeonE5, 64GB RAM, D300 Graphics, OSX Mojave 10.14.5/Pro Tools Ultimate 2019.6/Presonus Quantum 4848 Thunderbolt 2/Digidesign Command|8/Allen & Heath ZED-436 for fun

Studio: Apple Mac Pro 5,1 mid 2012 2x 3.46Ghz 6-Core Xeon, 64GB RAM, GeForce GTX 970 graphics, OSX Sierra 10.12.6/Pro Tools Ultimate 2018.12/HDX1/Avid HD 16x16, Digidesign 192 16x16, Digidesign 192 16x8/Custom Raindirk Symphony 32ch. front end
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