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Default Re: Fast Track Pro Drivers Windows 10


I've got the same issues with you that the driver 6.1.11 for Fast Track Pro will make Blue Screen Crashes every few hours under Win10 Pro.

From the previous discussion, it seems that when running under Win7, nothing bad happened, and the driver runs well. Therefore, I guess that, is that a way to force the driver running in Win7 Compatible mode?

From the driver downloading page:
We may find that the driver 6.0.7 is the latest one that supports Win7 32-bit and 64-bits, but NOT for Win 8/8.1.

I have uninstalled the 6.1.11 and rolling back to 6.0.7, under my Win10 Pro computer. It seems running fine till now.

Has anyone tried this method and any error occurs?
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