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Default Re: What size hard drive??

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
Please explain how that is so (unless you're specifically talking about PT11HD). PT11 has nothing to do with that; large internal ssd's are the driver here.
Considering the price to upgrade ya standard Mac Pro offering to say 2t I might be cheaper to upgrade to PT11HD..... said wif a lil sarcasm.

What about employing a server?.....

But then again..... I’m getting well away from my initial concept of what I want and that a lappy that can mostly just run a DAW in a home studio ( hell if I create such a freaking hit tune, I’d go to some professional studio or be made to hahaha) I can plug into a digital audio desk ie; the one I run my PA. If I can store as much libraries on externals then I’m hoping a 1t drive in my lappy will be enough space for the necessities.
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