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Default Re: It doesn`t work - on 3 different PCs

Originally posted by TechSupt:
arcane /Erwin / Buzzfunk - Sorry. I Didn't mean to offer excuses or cause a controversy. We're working on the identifiable problems that we have a chance to fix in the near future. I'm not an engineer. Statements that I make about the WinTel platform come from a support perspective. As far as I know there is a way to author a driver set that would allow PT Free to run on any type of PC with any configuration. Maybe, maybe not. My job is to collect information and let the engineers sort it out. Again, I apologize for any problems you've had or are having with PTF. It's not Digi's intention to cause anyone pain over this. All I can say is, we're presently trying to resolve some of this stuff. Stay tuned.

Tom S.

I downloaded the PTFree with no problem from this site, it took no longer than 5 minutes thanks to DSL connection. Now! Here is the problem: it seems to install with no inconvenience or problem but as soon as I try to open the program it tries to load but it freezes my whole aystem, I can't even restart from the Keyboard of the computer!!!!!!!!
I've done all the changes explained in the guides for installing the software with no satisfactory results. Un-installing and re-installing doesn't do any difference.
1.What's happening with PRO TOOLS FREE???
2.Why is DIGIDESIGN offering this for free in order to attract us potential buyers when all it does is to scare us away?
3. Does anyone have any answer to this situations?
My system set-up is:
Celeron 500 Mhz
384 MB's RAM
(1)MAXTOR 6.3 GB's IDE HD 7200/10ms seek
(1)MAXTOR 20.0GB's IDE HD 7200/10ms seek
Windows 98 SE
MOTU 2408 mkII
MIDIMAN USB midisport 8X8/S MIDI interface
(I'm using CUBASE,Sound Forge 4.5, ACID Pro, VEGAS, Recycle 1.7,direct X plug-ins, and they all work excellent!!!)
TEAC CDR-54W internal CD-R/W
Iomega 100MB's external ZIP drive

PLEASE HELP!!! I am really interested in trying this software.

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