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Default PT 11 HD (latest 11.2) Abelton 9 Rewire CPU Spikes.

My machine is Mac Pro 3.3 core west mere (one of the best running cpu for pt 11) 32 gigs of ram, and all SSD drives.

I create a Pro Tools 11 HD session with 4 tracks (rewire plugins on each). Buffer to 64. Very low cpu and runs great. When I launch Abelton in rewire mode the cpu spikes to red back and forth and I get buffer issues in PT 11 and it won't run. If I raise the buffer to 256 It runs but not stable till I go higher. But this introduces latency.

I can run PT 11 HD at 64 with a ton of tracks no issue. Same with Abelton 9. But using the rewire with the basic minimal configuration I get cpu spikes and cannot run a buffer under 256 in PT 11.

I have plenty of power since I can run a 24/96 PT 11 HD with 30 tracks, all with lots of plug ins at 64 buffers with no cpu load or issues. I have yet to even max out PT 11 HD on my system.

Thank You
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