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Default Re: NuGen Audio's VisLM loudness meter

Originally Posted by Postman View Post
You should look into this one also:

I've seen an early version and it looks pretty good. Lots of flexibility, lots of meter types.

BTW, I don't think "dialog intelligence" is at all import anymore. It's day has past. Gating based on level, such as recommended in the EBU R128 document, IS important. Vmeters does not have it yet, nor do most others currently on the market, but the devoloper has indicated it is coming in an update. Vmeters seems to have 'most everything else. The version I saw matched LKFS readings exactly to my LM5D and LM100. I have not checked the latest version, though. I will soon.

ps, I haven't tried nugenaudio's, I just wanted to point out a new option
This looks sweet! and the price is awesome.
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