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Default PC For HD?

Guys, I'm currently running 6.4 TDM Mix system on a G4 Mac. Its great but dated. Apart from the older version of pro tools, being stuck on a G4 is a nightmare. No usb 2, limited options for larger HD/Ram etc.

So thinking it might be time to move to HD as there is lots of 2nd hand bargains due to people upgrading to the new system from Avid.

I had thought about moving to a G5 but that's looking quite dated now and pro macs are silly money so I was thinking about moving back to PC which I used to run an LE system years ago.

Can anyone point me in the directions of the specs I need to run pro tools 8 or 9 with HD hardware on a PC? I believe PT10 is the last version that will support HD, is that right?

What about performance of HD on PC? Running windows 7 I assume?
I'd be looking at a pc with i7 processor. I need to do some video editing as well as running pro tools.

Hoping for some tips. Cheers.
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